Real-time ingestion (500,000 rows/sec/node) and query with extreme partitioning (1B / node)


DRAM to SSD tiering with high speed compression SSD lifespan extension by minimzing WAF


Using Spark SQL interface (2.x) to support Machine Learning / Deep Learning libraries


Real-time geospatial visualization regardless zoom-level (150M objects/sec/node)

Network Quality Analysis

Used for web dashboards which is for wireless network quality analysis of SK telecom Network OSS

Geospatial Visualization

Real-time geospatial visualization of floating population on a nation-wide scale

Reliable real-time DBMS applied to the field for several years.

Lightning DB helps over half of Korea's population reliably use telecommunications.
Since 2016, we have been processing data from 300,000 radio stations nationwide in real-time. In addition, modeling, storing and serving real-time floating population data using radio stations' data from 2019.

We provide speed and trust to business.

Lightning DB in public (videos)